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Press about Songs for a Lifetime - Live


All About Jazz - April 9, 2012
"A native of Mexico, Garcia emerges as an almost flawless vocalist. His voice is powerful and precise... Garcia provides a valuable service to jazz with his considerable singing talent."
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Yahoo! Voices - March 11, 2012
"From romantic ballads to swinging classics and Latin serenades, Songs for a Lifetime goes through a gamut of styles, each harmonious and tailored to Garcia's vocal specifications. Garcia's interpretations of these timeless songs keep them memorable and poised to make Jose Garcia into the modern generation's next crooner."
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All About Jazz - February 6, 2012
"There are not too many male singers in jazz today that can claim the mantle of 'crooner', but Garcia is clearly one of them."
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@Critical Jazz - January 28, 2012
"Jose Garcia is an artist with passion and clearly displays the gift of connection with an audience."
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WDNA Radio - Miami, FL

"Absolutely love the new Garcia CD and can't wait to put it on the air."

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